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Ballet, ballroom,and other studio dances have tried and true standards of what shoes work best. In these cases, the soles are often suede or leather to offer the dancer the capacity to turn and glide smoothly across a smooth, clean surface.

Hip hop, krumping, popping and locking and other street dances usually only have one element in common, and that’s the inability to anticipate the circumstances of the performance. When your stage could be anywhere from a sidewalk to a parking lot to concrete stairs or cobblestones, you need a versatile shoe that can stand up to the hardships of outdoor grounds while still offering you the flexibility of a dance shoe.

Adidas Superstar is a street dancing shoe made popular by its high quality performance and its sponsorship by hip hop group Run DMC. The look of this shoe has become a classic in street dancing, especially the rubber "shell" toe that can withstand force and uneven terrain while protecting the dancer’s feet.

Bloch, a long time manufacturer of dance shoes, makes a street dancing shoe with professional edge. The Klassik features breathable leather and a spin spot on the sole, as well as a removable metal clip to keep baggy pants out of the way.